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Kriu 4ITO, the powerful and flexible IT Event and Correlation Management solution

The traditional playground for IT operations is changing, as modern infrastructures need to consider hybrid clouds and APIs, virtualization and containerization, mobile devices and BYOD policies, generating terabytes of data every day.

Kriu for IT Operations (Kriu 4ITO) provides accurate and real-time information for smarter IT Service Management.

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Emergency Response Director allows to organize a crisis response in a quite and familiar environment.

ERD guides the organisation in a systematic and well-organised response manner to minimise the impact to the business and improve organisational resilience.

Your approach to crisis situation will not be fragmented or chaotic any more, but highly resilient. The Crisis and Business Continuity team will be able to minimize disaster consequences by timely addressing it and evaluating business impact as a whole.

About Kriu ERD

BSM by Kriu. Measure the business impact.

Business Service Management by KRIU (BSM BY KRIU) provides C-level managers an easy-to-use software dashboard to assess the business impact of any IT event, transforming data into actionable insights to take evidence-based decisions. It represents a smart, dynamic method for linking key IT services and resources to business goals, prioritizing activities and investments.

BSM by KRIU: the innovative and reliable business impact calculator.

About Kriu BSM

Kriu IoT Orchestration Platform. Take IoT events under control.

KRIU IoT Orchestration Platform is the highly customizable event management software platform to collect and analyze the occurrences generated from any IoT data source. Thanks to a performing event correlator, a scheduler and the integrated database, it supports a vast array of scripts or programs in any language, enabling the development of innovative IoT-ready solutions.

Looking for more? Discover KRIU 4ITO and ERD by KRIU, they are both based on KRIU IoT Orchestration Platform!

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