When we think of IT services, we usually refer to processes and applications specifically managed by the IT department. However, as the digital transformation season moves forward, we need to acknowledge that the same definition of IT services has evolved over time: it has gradually been extended to any other service provided by different company department and offices, as they are all based on digital technology, and they all contribute to business productivity and competitiveness.  

In a Corporate Service Management perspective, ultimate progress in domains such as artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, augmented and virtual reality might accelerate this evolution, leading to some additional complexity but surely generating incremental benefits and value.

Which technologies will directly impact IT and corporate services? Industry experts predict Artificial Intelligence will have a disruptive effect, as it is significantly changing lots of critical applications within most organisations. Thanks to advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, businesses will also take advantage of smarter ways to identify and address vulnerabilities and issues, with quicker problem-solving in production, supply chain management, and even sales and customer service processes.

Cognitive computing will enable smarter scheduling of IT tasks, with specific reference to software management, cybersecurity and data integrity. Other departments will benefit too. Many services will be automatized: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will be used to manage routine operations and allow some basic changes, also referring to network and application monitoring, help desk management and back office processes.

Finally, chatbots will contribute to evolving the way service desk operations are nowadays run, turning them into self-driving, streamlined tasks. This would take the pressure off of IT personnel, offering the opportunity to dedicate more time and resources to innovation – further raising the bar from IT-centric services to effective corporate support.