We know Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used to feed customer care processes and even basic sales activities, but we might be disappointed to hear that a machine is picking up our ticket when reaching our company’s help desk.

IT services are more and more important for business operations but, like any other corporate function, they are nowadays urged to cut costs and increase efficiency. When the IT staff gets smaller, internal support is burdened with delays and bottlenecks, and lots of competences and innovation potential is wasted.

Chatbots can evolve the way service desk operations are run, turning them into self-driving, streamlined tasks. Independent experts calculated that up to 50% of Level 1 help desk requests are repetitive and could be solved in a matter of instants (think of password resets), with basic system knowledge – however, even this kind of intervention is usually assigned to skilled IT personnel, spending precious time over monotonous, frustrating activities. An incredible waste of money and talent.

When implementing AI-powered software, those Level 1 tickets could be processed almost immediately, offering users immediate support. A friendly interface such as digital assistance persona could mitigate acceptance from users, but the best on-boarding will come as soon as individuals acknowledge they can get the same (or better) experience, with a quicker resolution of problems.

Chatbots could take care of Level 0 and Level 1 requests, assist end users with basic questions and updates, but escalating more complex tickets to human IT operators. This would take pressure off of IT personnel, offering the opportunity to dedicate more time and resources to innovation. According to Gartner, AI and machine learning are expected to free up to 30% of IT service desks capacity by the end of 2019.

Are you ready to give it a try?