Managers and business people often blame IT professionals on being reactive, thus waiting for issues or specific support requests to take stage. It has been a while since they succeeded in maturing a proactive attitude, strengthening IT resources monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities to provide more reliable and effective services to single departments or the entire company.

This cultural shift has moved hand-in-hand with organizational changes, as CIOs have gained power and consideration into corporate boards, and the evolution of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, which are now more integrated with business applications and tools.

However, many IT professionals are still focusing on software and hardware, on technologies and platforms, and limit their role within the organization to information systems specialists. What if they could picture their daily tasks as mission-critical activities, impacting business processes, contributing to revenue generation and cost control?

That’s quite a substantial transformation on the soft skills side, adding business and managerial competences to technical know-how. They should learn how IT services enable back office and frontline processes, how they speed up (or complicate) procedures and routine tasks, how much value they could add to HR, finance, marketing, sales, and other corporate functions. The IT department should be able to approach technology the same way leaders design business strategies, that is linking any IT initiative to the benefit it will bring to the organization and its people.

As it is sometimes difficult to liaise IT and business, we are working on a new Business Service Management solution – BSM byKRIU – to establish a clear, direct link between IT and the company’s core processes, calculating the business impact of IT events to allow more accurate decisions based on the understanding of the most urgent corporate needs.

Our customers tell us that, when IT and business people meet halfway, internal relations start to be enriched by mutual trust: businessmen stop looking at the IT department as a mere cost center, and begin to appreciate IT professionals as business consultants. That’s how ITSM can really blend IT capabilities and business requirements to deliver value-added services.

Author: Carlo Marzicola, Marketing and Sales Director at KRIU

Photo credit:  Designed by mindandi / Freepik