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Kriu 4ITO. How does it work?

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KRIU 4ITO collects events and data from external applications.

Send Event command:

  • Lightweight executable collecting events from external monitoring tools
  • Local caching of incoming events to ensure reliability and high performance
  • Running on Linux and Windows

Scheduler component:

  • Polling external systems to detect relevant events and issues (email server, database, applications through web services)
  • Supporting a vast array of scripts like PHP, Perl, Python, LUA, Shell, and more

Integration best practices are provided out-of-the-box for SolarWinds, OP5, Nagios, IYTM, SAP, and more

Correlates, filters and enriches data to provide users with actionable insights.

ERD guides the organisation in a systematic and well-organised response manner to minimise the impact to the business and improve organisational resilience.

Your approach to crisis situation will not be fragmented or chaotic any more, but highly resilient. The Crisis and Business Continuity team will be able to minimize disaster consequences by timely addressing it and evaluating business impact as a whole.

About Kriu ERD

Displays the alerts and takes decisive actions on external applications.

Once alerts are displayed, actions are presented to the user and managed on the administrative console.

Actions can be integrated on external applications such as Atlassian Jira, ServiceNow, OTRS, IBM Control Desk, and other solutions through Web services/REST calls