The 2007 version of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) marked the official starting date of Business Service Management (BSM), at first welcomed as the opportunity to deliver business services to relevant customers.

However, less than ten years later, in March 2016, some Gartner analysts published a report titled, “BSM Is Dead”, where they explained that BSM had not delivered on its promises, so companies would better turn to other IT Operation Management tools to achieve superior value.

What had happened? Most likely, at that stage BSM was interpreted and treated as a pure IT practice, focusing on technology and systems while the organisations were looking for compelling tools to support their workflows, business processes and routines.

Today, the idea of a solution working as a sort of interpreter between IT and the business is as modern as ever. The increased complexity of digital operations requires the IT department to move from a ‘technology provider’ to ‘business enabler’ state of mind, elevating IT services as mission-critical applications impacting business processes, and contributing to revenue generation and cost control.

The definition of BSM needs to be restored, taking some important technological trends into account, for instance, the rise of cloud-native architectures and serverless computing, SaaS platforms, DevOps and AIOps best practices.

There’s a new demand for intelligent and business-oriented IT services, supporting agile digital processes with adequate performance and flexibility, but sustainable costs. We’re probably at a turning point of BSM strategies and solutions, at a time when cloud-native and AI-powered IT resources are called to deliver outstanding services to both internal users and external customers.

This is our belief in delivering BSM by Kriu, our innovative solution providing C-level managers with an easy-to-use software dashboard for assessing the business impact of any IT event. BSM by Kriu is a smart, dynamic method for linking key IT services and resources to business goals, as it allows to estimate the consequences of relevant events on corporate assets, lines of business, processes and operations, get accurate and comprehensive information by correlating data from different sources to, decide IT provisions upon the understanding of the most urgent company needs.

BSM by Kriu is currently available as an add-on for Kriu 4ITO and Emergency Response Director. Just raise your hand if you want to learn more about it.