As CIOs are very well aware of, the ICT event management game has changed, and the same definition of IT services has evolved over time. IT Service Management (ITSM) is now asked to take care of highly complex infrastructures, as any service provided by different company department and offices might impact on business processes and results. Emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, the Internet of Things and the Industry 4.0, augmented and virtual reality are making it even more awkward, also considering the increased user expectations.

Since every company has different needs, we might assume there aren’t two identical IT environments among businesses. This means it might be difficult to find the ideal ITSM solution among those available on the market. A common approach is to select the one that better fits the most urgent calls, then customise it to integrate all requested features or applications.

Technology works as any other business. When customising ITSM platforms, IT managers should forecast which products and services their customers will ask for, assess their value, design and implement them as quickly as possible, provide maintenance and support, and restart the cycle all over again to avoid obsolescence and align to new organisational needs. The higher the level of personalisation, the longest the time for production, the higher the total cost of ownership.

Do consider that, after having invested a great deal in a customised ITSM, a company is not likely to move away from it, so it might find itself holding back other opportunities to innovate and improve corporate services.

How to skip all this? The best approach to take advantage of an effective, future-looking ITSM solution is probably to endorse flexible and highly scalable technologies, providing a core set of tried and tested out-of-the-box features for ICT event monitoring and correlation, to be easily and seamlessly integrated with existing or new software systems. This would help minimise the effort of personalisation, at the same time granting what the company needs to improve IT services availability and IT workflows effectiveness.

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