Assume you found the perfect IT Service Management (ITSM) solution for your company. Features fit your organisation and business needs, it is reliable and scalable enough, it delivers on budget. Now, would you prefer to get it as a cloud-based application, or downloadable software? As you can imagine, each option has pros and cons.

Cloud solutions generally offer a quicker deployment at a lower cost, as the company doesn’t need to care about hardware resources and might take advantage of subscription models to keep cash disbursements under control. If choosing a good partner, you can trust its commitment for security, so data protection, backups, patches and software updates should not bring on any headache. That’s probably why cloud-based ‘out-of-the-box’ ITSM solutions are frequently implemented as Software-as-a-Service, a global market that analysts predict to grow up to 117 billion dollars by 2022, with an annual growth rate of about 21%.

On the other hand, download an ITSM solution might appear more complex at first sight but provides all benefits of a customisable ownership. Implementing a feature-rich, flexible software in-house allows the company to be more agile in developing personalised modules, and integrating the platform with other existing or new systems. Either managed internally or supported by an external partner, customisation grants the ITSM perfectly answers your specific needs. Of course, you would need to consider a higher initial spending, as well as maintenance and support effort. But no doubt medium- and long-term satisfaction will be superior.

There isn’t a single choice, when implementing an ITSM software. Scrutinise your goals and business requirements, the peculiarities of your IT infrastructure, the skills of your IT team and your budget to take the best possible decision.

If you want to experience a powerful and flexible ITSM solution, do consider our KRIU for IT Operations (KRIU 4ITO): download it now, basic software and standard support are provided for free. You’ll pay only if you need software customisation, specific support or service maintenance plans.

Why? Because we believe that any commodity software with basic features should be given for free, and we offer KRIU 4ITO as an effective and value-for-money IT Event and Correlation Management solution.