Kriu IoT Orchestration Platform. Take IoT events under control.

The Internet of Things adds intelligence to billions of objects that are disseminated in our companies, cities and homes. By connecting them (sensors, valves, actuators, street- and traffic lights, waste bins, video surveillance cameras, vehicles, home appliances, etc.) to the network, it becomes possible to monitor and control them from remote, tracking their operations and energy consumption, and sending commands to adjust their features.

As independent sources estimate about 125 billion connected objects by 2030, there will be a huge number of events triggered over the network, and it will be increasingly necessary to manage them. How to orchestrate relevant IoT events, and correlate data?

Performing. Scalable. Customizable.
Kriu IoT Orchestration Platform: the effective IoT event manager

KRIU IoT Orchestration Platform is the event management software platform to collect and analyze the occurrences generated from any IoT data source thanks to a performing event correlator, a scheduler and the integrated database.

It is a framework that supports a vast array of scripts or programs in any language, enabling the development of innovative IoT-ready solutions customizing the platform to any field of application (and/or) developing ad-hoc verticals to grow your business.

Kriu IoT Orchestration Platform allows to
  • collect IoT events from any data source, leveraging them to extract valuable information
  • correlate data and integrate them into corporate systems and databases
  • develop customized IoT-ready solutions for specific purposes

Key benefits

  • High performance and availability to manage 100+ events per second in a single server, running either in HA infrastructures or active/active clusters.

  • High robustness, with proven faultless operations for 3+ years by some of our customers.

  • Easy to customize and use, thanks to a simple and effective GUI.

  • Competitive cost, easy to customize and maintain.

Looking for more?

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