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Integration with Atlassian Jira

The method of integration with Kriu uses the Atlassian Jira proprietary API for opening issues and updating existing ones.

Steps of Integration


  1. Starting from receiving an event on Kriu for IT Operations 3.0, the operator will have the possibility to associate this new ticket with the Atlassian Jira Platform.
  2. Select the event and the contextual menu – the integration tool for creation of the issue.
  3. In the dialog window the values for fields that are considered mandatory in the Jira context associated with monitoring events need to be inserted.
  4. After you click the open ticket button at the base, the opening of the ticket is indicated in the same spot with the number of the ticket just opened.
  5. Return to the Events Console, find the ticket field of the event the corresponding number just opened.
  6. The creation of the new ticket will be found on the Jira console.
  7. As an added detail notice that the ticket is integrated with the event.
  8. The implementation calls for a continuous update of the status of the Jira ticket corresponding to the evolution of the event on the Kriu for IT Operations 3.0 console.