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Integration with IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.x (ITM 6. X)

IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) is used to monitor systems and applications by generating events that can be sent to an “event handler” through messages in the native protocol EIF (Event Integration Facility).

Kriu for IT Operations 3.0 uses the mechanism to interpret events from ITM, developing a specific receiver (Receiver EIF) in a series of Lua scripts for handling the messages coming in from ITM.

Steps of Integration


  1. Set Kriu for IT Operations 3.0 as the destination for events (EventDest).
  2. Enable the monitoring rules (situation ITM) when forwarding events to the EventDest.
  3. Create Lua scripts for handling the messages.


Enabling of the “Situation” ITM to forward events to Kriu for IT Operations 3.0

The “situation” consists of rules set in ITM to monitor environments. When a control exceeds a predefined threshold, the “situation” is triggered, or the discovery of a potential problem.

By default, the “situation” sends an event to the ITM console itself, but you can enable the event to be forwarded to another destination.

Enabling via GUI

After logging into TEP with administration privileges, perform the following steps:

  1. Open “Situation Editor”.
  2. Select the EIF tab.
  3. Select the flag “Forward Events to an EIF Receiver”.
  4. Set the severity with which you want to forward events.
  5. Make sure that the destination Kriu for IT Operations 3.0 is present among the “Assigned AIF Receivers”.

Creating Lua Scripts for handling messages

Once events are forwarded to Kriu for IT Operations 3.0 you must define Lua Scripts for their interpretation and manipulation.