When companies face an emergency, response is often confused and inefficient. Be it a natural disaster or a man-made event, even in crisis-prepared organizations a lot of valuable time is lost before starting any action, since the collection of preliminary information, its analysis and internal sharing usually requires more time and effort than expected.

It is also a matter of ownership: who should handle the incident? Ideally, it should be the team with the presumed expertise and capability, so the IT security team for cyberattacks or malware intrusions, or the Operations team for infrastructure disruptions, just to mention some cases. But a single group may not be able to collect all the information it needs to respond, as access to specific corporate systems may be controlled by other teams. Moreover, incident triage may be complicated by the duplication of workflows and approval chains, adding further delays to critical emergency steps.

Teams in charge of incident response are therefore forced to unravel an uncomfortable tradeoff, balancing the need to provide the quickest possible resolution (restoring operations in a corporate building or the availability of a key IT system, for instance), and the need to take the time to investigate the origin of the problem and better understand its causes.

The keyword to solve it is collaboration. If crisis detection and assessment are managed through shared methodologies and tools, with a coordinated approach and metrics, incident response and resolution will be more efficient and effective, reducing response times and also improving organizational resiliency.

Emergency Response Director by Kriu (ERD Powered BY Kriu) is being developed with this collaborative approach. Available soon, it is a crisis management and mass notification tool supporting business continuity teams in successfully reacting to disasters and critical events that can jeopardize day-to-day business operations.

ERD Powered BY Kriu provides an integrated and intuitive software solution to early detect critical events and orchestrate the best possible response. Among other innovative features, it integrates specific tools to streamline communications among crisis management teams, facilitating joint initiatives and harmonized actions.

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