Kriu 4ITO. Granting commodity features for free.

We believe that any commodity software with basic features should be given for free.

With KRIU 4ITO, we offer an effective and value-for-money IT Event and Correlation Management solution: basic software can be downloaded and installed for free.

All our customers are granted standard support. Software customization, integration with third-party solutions, and additional support formulas are available for customers requesting specific Service Level Agreements.

Included features

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Which features are included in KRIU 4ITO free license?

One single format to manage event information and facilitate reporting.

Data Source Integration Sandbox
A powerful tool to facilitate the integration and troubleshooting of new monitoring sources, simulating new events processing from LUA scripts.

Noise Reduction
“Multiple Event Filtering” to filter received events using LUA scripting language; “Deduplication” to sort out events carrying the same information; “Correlation” to interlink different alerts and events caused by the same problem or having the same root.

Open Event History
A database to allow the integration of third-party reporting materials.

Single Pane of Glass View
A unique event console to view alerts and events from external monitoring systems at once.

An easy tool to extend KRIU 4ITO functionalities through the integration with third-party software.

Action & Notification
Corrective actions and notifications to be triggered via email upon event and alert information.

High Performance Event Processing Architecture
C++ written back-end and programmable logic in LUA.