Cybersecurity: Japan is the most prepared country

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You shouldn’t be particularly worried about cybercrime if you live in Japan, but very careful if staying in Russia or Latin America. Latest data from industry observer Comparitech rank Japan, France and Canada as the most prepared countries in facing IT attacks and protecting digital data from citizens and businesses.

Improve resilience to face climate change

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In the worldwide effort to improve resilience, businesses have to play their role, first of all by minimising the environmental footprint of products and processes, but also by accelerating their preparation to face natural disasters or critical occurrences.

Enterprise data models to launch blockchain-based app

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The smart integration of data management and blockchain-based systems proves to offer measurable benefits and allows to overcome some deficiencies that these technologies have if considered individually. Why is it such important to manage them hand in hand?

Cybersecurity: managing vulnerabilities to prevent cybercrime

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Cybersecurity has thus become a big issue for businesses of any size, and vulnerability management cannot be treated as a secondary, painful activity. Resounding cases – such as Marriott’s – demonstrate it should be among top priorities for any IT department.

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