BSM by Kriu. Measure the business impact.

In companies of any size and industry, IT services are mission-critical as they have a direct impact on business processes, contribute to revenue generation and cost control. IT events can disrupt back office and frontline procedures, suspend routine tasks, prevent HR, finance, marketing, sales, and other corporate functions to manage their usual workflows. As any IT initiative brings benefit to the organization and its people, any IT failure may result in significant losses. How to better liaise IT and business, and measure the impact of relevant events?

Accurate. Intuitive. Integrated.
BSM by Kriu: the innovative and reliable business impact calculator.

Business Service Management by Kriu (BSM BY Kriu) provides C-level managers with an easy-to-use software dashboard to assess the business impact of any IT event, transforming data into actionable insights to make evidence-based decisions. It represents a smart, dynamic method for linking key IT services and resources to business goals, prioritizing activities and investments.

BSM by Kriu allows business people to
  • estimate the impact of relevant events on corporate assets, lines of business, processes and operations
  • correlate data from different sources to get accurate, comprehensive information
  • decide the provision of IT resources upon the understanding of the most urgent company needs

Key benefits

  • Complete assessment of the business consequences of any IT event (impacted systems and users, lines of business and processes, etc.) with quantitative and financial metrics.

  • Integration of multiple events and corporate databases to automatically and efficiently correlate all relevant information.

  • Intuitive dashboard to visualise data through easy-to-use charts and tables

  • Simple integration in all Kriu solutions (BSM by Kriu is available as an add-on for Kriu 4ITO and ERD powered by Kriu )